Letters from characters...

Please note: These letters have been written from the perspective and views of the chosen character. The students were asked to 'step into the shoes' of the given character.

Lawson's letter:
3 September 1944

Hi Daniel

How are things in Berlin? Probably better than where I live now. Out with is horrible. I wish I could come back and play with you, Carl and Martin. However, on a good note there are plenty of things to explore and discover. Also some things I just don’t understand, like there is a huge fence and people that wear pyjamas all day. Can you believe that? There’s one more thing, I found a new friend called Shmuel. He is really skinny and is all ways hungry. Anyway, that’s it for now.

From Bruno

PS: you cant tell anyone about my new friend OK.

To Hilda
15 March 1946

How is things going? At Auschwitz I met a guy called Lieutenant Kotler. He is so funny and is 18 turning 19 so he is 6 years older than me at least. But other than that it is so boring around here. There is not much to do here and I have not seen Bruno but who cares about him. I think he has got a lot of things on his mind. I do not think that he would get an adventure around here anyway. Write back as soon as you can. Hope to see you soon.

From Gretel

Nathan's letter:

Hey Carl,

What’s going on back there in Berlin?
Do you miss me? I miss you, Daniel & Martin. I miss playing airplanes & Guns with you. Don’t tell the others but I found a new best friend, he’s a Jew. I thought I should tell you this since you're my best friend. His name is Shmuel, we both have the same birthday and we are both 9. But for some strange reason he is behind a huge fence and he wears striped pyjamas like the others (the other Jews behind the fence).

See you later,

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