Chapter One and Two
Response Questions 1/2

Chapter Three and Four
Response Questions 3/4

Chapter Five
Response Questions 5
Thinking about what you have read so far, add to the 'setting' mindmap.

Chapter Six,Seven and Eight
Response Questions 6/7
Use your extract to complete the Jigsaw character activity using Wordle_001.png. Embed your Wordle on the 'character' page.

Chapter Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve
Response Questions 10/12
Add to the 'character' page.
Class activity:Create a freeze frame for the given scene. Take a picture and annotate using Fotobabble.png. Think about angle of body, facial expression, use of props,status etc. Embed on the 'character' page.

Chapter Thirteen and Fourteen
Response Questions13/14

Chapter Fifteen and Sixteen
Response Questions 15/16

Chapter Seventeen and Eighteen
Write a letter from Mother to a friend in Berlin, telling them of her relief that she will soon be returning home.

Chapter Nineteen and Twenty

cooltext699859181.png...Use what you have learnt throughout the unit to create a graphic novel or movie trailer.