Setting descriptions:
As I open the leather interior car door, I feel a sickening pain in my stomach. I take a few steps, then glance around this deserted area. There is nothing except dust. It is a cold and tortuous place. I reach for the unstable doorknob ,it's not a pleasant feeling, I slowly rotate the lifeless doorknob. The door creaks open. I hear a death defying scream which causes me to freeze with fright …...

As I slowly and woebegone get out of the car, I look at the dejected house right in front of my mournful eyes. I look left and right and then I see this sullen fence, What is on that other side...???
As I slowly walk up to the frivolous house I can feel my treasured heart drop to my apprehensive stomach. I can see the bewildered brown door in front of my glum eyes. As I slowly turn the hard hideous door knob, I then hear a big BANG! CRASH! I step away, and then I push my body forward to the tremendous big wooden doors again I walk in my eyes have been drawn to the lame old dejected?????.....

The End
By Kaitlyn Thomas



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